Thanksgiving with Uber

/ November 23, 2017

[French pastries at the Grove]

[at Griffith Park taking in the best views in LA ]

[I love LA so much!!]

[ at LAX ]

Although we aren’t from Los Angeles, we truly consider it to be our home sweet home, so when friends and family come to visit, we want them to feel as if LA is home, even if it’s just for a few days. This usually means chauffeuring our guests around LA, showing them some of our favorite spots (and not so favorite tourist traps, haha!).

This Thanksgiving weekend has us playing tourists once again with Andre’s family. This will be their first time experiencing an American Thanksgiving with us, so we’ve gone all out to prep a really fun Thanksgiving for all of us. We’re thrilled to be able to kick off the holiday season with them, and also to give them a taste of LA using Uber’s schedule ride feature. This way we can easily set a time to get picked up and dropped off all over the city! and Uber offers a variety of vehicles options including Uber, Uber XL, and Uber Premium. Using Uber also takes away the stress out of sitting behind the wheel in traffic or driving in circles trying to find a parking spot at each destination.

I’m excited sit back, relax, and enjoy our ride this Thanksgiving weekend. A huge thank you to Uber for making this holiday weekend “tour” easy and hassle-free.





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