/ December 15, 2017

8 years ago, I moved to Los Angeles from Ottawa Canada with a big crazy dream. Deep down, I only thought I’d be here for 3 years (max!) so it blows my mind to think 8 years later, we are still making memories in the city of angels. I was 7 years old the first time I told my parents “I’m moving to Hollywood” (probably around the same time I picked up my first camera)! 18 years later, along with my best friend & the absolute love of my life, we packed our entire lives in a ’94 Dodge Spirit and drove over 5,000 miles to our new home with no job, no apartment, no plan really… We didn’t even know where in LA we should live that first year. It was just a big crazy dream I had of living a creative life where the sun shines almost every day of the year and where the palm trees are a constant reminder of all those wild dreams I had as a young girl in Ottawa. The palms will forever remind me of why I moved to California in the first place.

Maybe one day I’ll tell you guys all about the struggles and hard work that went into creating my own business and building a kick ass clientele and my visa process that has allowed me to stay in the US, but for now, I’ll spare you all the boring details because I’m super proud to say working as a full time freelance advertising photographer has been the best thing to ever happen to me (next to Andre and Dolly, of course!). I’ve been so fortunate to work with some of the best clients in the commercial world and none of which would’ve been possible without that crazy dream and those 5,000 miles we drove across the country, so when Blurb recently asked me to create and sell my own book, it only felt natural that photography had to be the guiding focus behind this book.

I actually ended up creating two books. One that I can use to showcase my work as a printed portfolio, and I’ll be able to keep this portfolio handy for when I meet potential clients for meetings and interviews. The second Blurb book is entirely inspired by my love of Palm Springs. And since Blurb makes it easy to sell your own self-published book, I have listed it for sale in the Blurb Bookstore! Also, if Palm Springs isn’t your thing there are a lot of other great gift ideas on Blurb’s Gift page for everyone of all ages.

As a photographer, it’s so important to showcase your work. Whether it’s your online portfolio, social media, or mailers; showcasing your work really matters. I’ve always had a portfolio in hand when I met with potential clients, but now, thanks to Blurb, I was able to condense my oversized printed portfolio book into something a lot more compact, clean looking, and to fit in my bag for meetings! Blurb provides creators so many options when it comes to designing your own book from a variety of papers (you can even order a swatch kit to see the papers in person), different formats and sizes, and cover options such as image wrap, dust jackets, etc. It really doesn’t matter who you are and what you do, if you’re looking to self-publish your first book, or create something a lot more personal for the holidays as a gift – Blurb makes it easy to create the book that works best for you!

For me, my new portfolio book needed to look simple and elegant. I wanted the colors to pop like they do with my online portfolio. I decided to go with the hardcover option, and I used Blurb’s new Layflat paper option, which allowed me to create gorgeous, unbroken images, spread across two pages – perfect for horizontal images!! The paper is quite thick which gives it that fine art feel when your fingers turn the page.

The entire process of building this book was quite simple because Blurb has an extensive selection of creation tools and plug-ins built directly into their site. And for those of you comfortable with Lightroom and In-Design, you can download their plug-ins and get to work right away. For those of you not so comfortable with these programs, Blurb also has their own software called BookWright, which easily downloads directly to your computer. Picking BookWright made building my book effortless; however, picking the right photos to showcase in my book… uhhh, not so easy, haha!

Once I was done creating my book and felt it looked good and cohesive, it only took me a few clicks before a message popped up that my book was already on its way to MEEE!! And as soon as I cracked open the package, I could not have been happier with the way the booked turned out! The photos looked so clean and crisp and the colors truly popped the way they do with my online portfolio. I’m so beyond thrilled with the professional quality of these books. And I will definitely be taking this book with me to all my upcoming client meetings! 

This post was sponsored by Blurb Books, but all opinions are my own.




Thanksgiving with Uber

/ November 23, 2017

[French pastries at the Grove]

[at Griffith Park taking in the best views in LA ]

[I love LA so much!!]

[ at LAX ]

Although we aren’t from Los Angeles, we truly consider it to be our home sweet home, so when friends and family come to visit, we want them to feel as if LA is home, even if it’s just for a few days. This usually means chauffeuring our guests around LA, showing them some of our favorite spots (and not so favorite tourist traps, haha!).

This Thanksgiving weekend has us playing tourists once again with Andre’s family. This will be their first time experiencing an American Thanksgiving with us, so we’ve gone all out to prep a really fun Thanksgiving for all of us. We’re thrilled to be able to kick off the holiday season with them, and also to give them a taste of LA using Uber’s schedule ride feature. This way we can easily set a time to get picked up and dropped off all over the city! and Uber offers a variety of vehicles options including Uber, Uber XL, and Uber Premium. Using Uber also takes away the stress out of sitting behind the wheel in traffic or driving in circles trying to find a parking spot at each destination.

I’m excited sit back, relax, and enjoy our ride this Thanksgiving weekend. A huge thank you to Uber for making this holiday weekend “tour” easy and hassle-free.





Maria Sharapova x Sugarpova Advertising Campaign

/ November 10, 2017

Tennis champ turned candy queen, Maria Sharapova, and her budding company, Sugarpova, asked me to photograph Maria in her newfound candyland. I used to watch Maria compete all the time, so being asked to photograph Sugarpova’s advertising campaign was such an exciting opportunity! How could I resist these fun colors and sugary sweets? We might have munched on a few of her candies during the shoot…but don’t ask me how many a few is!!





Sugarpova Advertising Campaign

/ November 9, 2017

Sugar, spice and everything nice! I had the best time photographing these advertising flat lays for Sugarpova’s iconic branding and candies! From the Sporty and Flirty chewies, to the decadent milk chocolate bars, it was hard to resist all of these sweets on set. The tennis balls are definitely my favorite!! We captured these quickly in between Maria’s outfit changes thanks to prop stylist extraordinaire Amy Chin and art director Katrine Hansen. They both made my job super easy 😉





BTS with Maria Sharapova

/ November 2, 2017


I’ve always loved the behind-the-scenes aspect of creating something really exciting and unique with a team of incredibly talented people, so I thought it could be fun to start sharing BTS snippets of some of the subjects I get to photograph. Landing this advertising campaign for Sugarpova is the perfect example of when hard work leads to amazing opportunities that I will forever be thankful for. Sometimes I truly feel like the luckiest girl in the world, getting to do what I do best and getting paid to do it! I mean, how did all of this even happen? and nothing seems to make me happier than being on set with the most creative people and getting to photograph subjects like Tennis superstar Maria Sharapova!!


Friday mood!

/ October 27, 2017

[photo from the Clicquot Journey advertising campaign I photographed for Veuve Clicquot]


Hi Hi and happy friday, you guys! We can finally throw our hands up in the air because the weekend is hereeeeeeee!! One of my besties is throwing this year’s annual “spooky soirée” filled with s’mores by the fire pit, pumpkin carving, and spooky cocktails. Her new space in Hollywood gets the most incredible views of the city, so I’m crossing my fingers for a spectacular pink sunset tomorrow night. whatever you’ve got going on this weekend, i hope you have the best time!

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