The Sky's The Limit (but not really)

Total Size: 29.5’’ x 48.5''

The Palm Shop

As a kid growing up in suburban Canada, I was obsessed with Hollywood. I watched so many movies and red carpet events—spending time with
Hollywood through the silver screen was all I ever wanted to do! Hollywood was calling my name—signaling me from a world away. My obsession
continued to flourish. In certain shots of iconic films, I latched eyes on the palm trees lining the streets of Los Angeles. They were towering beacons of hope—they became a symbol for who I wanted to become, and they symbolized the highest ideal I could imagine for myself at the time—to live in Hollywood! 

That North Star kept me going—kept a fire in me. And the 5-story-high giants were a daily visual reminder of where I wanted to be and, ultimately, how I wanted to live. Palm trees were a way out. They gave me hope when nothing else did. They gave me a reason to work hard, do well in school, and talk about Hollywood like it was always right around the corner for me. Palm trees were my ladder and my lifeline.

For ten years, I've been capturing palm trees and sharing their hopeful silhouettes.To me, they'll always represent how truly capable we all are of
pursuing our dreams. Every chance I've had to photograph a palm tree has been an opportunity to reach one more person and hopefully remind them just how much they matter! For me, photographing palm trees is like photographing people, each one unique and different in their own special way—full of stories, life, and unending potential.

Artwork Description
The Sky’s The Limit (but not really) — I mean, people go to space, for god’s sake! You can do and be whatever you want. It’s your life! Your dreams reveal all that is possible for you to create in this world. So what, if people laugh or don’t “get it” — so what, if they tell you “it’s impossible” or “it’ll never happen.” You’re a tough cookie, and you’re capable of so much more than you think!

Artwork Dimensions
We offer five unique art print sizes to fit any space in your home: 11 x 14 / 16 x 24 / 24 x 36 / 30 x 45 and 36 x 54 inches. Each art print comes with an additional 1/2" border to include Kim's signature and edition number. All of our art prints are printed on fine art museum-grade paper and archival inks.

Limited Edition & Signature
Limited edition is a limited run of art prints that Kim Genevieve has numbered and signed, which means these are collectible pieces of affordable art. When an edition is sold out, it will no longer be available to purchase. Kim Genevieve signs and numbers all limited-edition art prints (on the bottom right side of the print, just below the image), and each limited-edition print comes with a signed and numbered certificate of authenticity.

We currently offer custom framing for Canadian and Continental U.S. customers.

We offer three custom framing options so that your art fits seamlessly into any space in your home. We suggest framing your artwork as it’s the best way to protect your art from non-archival packing materials. Once it arrives, it’s ready to hang on your wall. Our custom frames are made to order with love in L.A. and are available in white, black, and natural maple wood.

See below for more information about our frames and hanging hardware:

Our frames are made from premium hardwood frame molding in white, black, and natural maple wood. UV-blocking acrylic glass protects against 91% of U.V. rays, heat-activated foam board backing, and an acid-free adhesive that keeps art smooth and secure. Protective paperback finish with the attached Certificate of Authenticity. Our 11x14” and 16x24” frames come with braided picture wire and nails for easy hanging, and our 24x36” through 36x54” frames come with pre-attached Wall Buddies and large nails.

Unframed Artwork

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Framed Artwork

Currently, we only offer custom framing for customers in the continental US and Canada.

Each custom frame is made to order, therefore framed prints take approximately 7-10 business days to ship from date of purchase.

Please allow 5 - 7 business days after shipment within the continental US for your framed artworks(s) to arrive.

Please allow 7 - 14 business days after shipment to Canada for your framed artwork(s) to arrive.

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